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Agency VS Freelancer

When looking for a designer you don’t have many choices. There’s the $5 website, a whole myriad of freelancers, or agencies. Why would you pay more for an agency though if you can find a freelancer willing to take on your project? 

Imagine this…

You would like a new logo, so you hire a designer (Designer #1). Designer #1 will design you an amazing logo, but now that you have your logo and want to start putting it on items you need somebody to handle that. You can pay designer #1 to do that, but it might not be their strong suit. You start looking for a second designer that can handle the new job. Now you will have to go through the entire hiring process again and hope that designer #2 understands the vision for your company. If not you might have to spend extra time on revisions. Your products and designs are finished, but now you need a site. Neither of the previously hired designers know how to make a website, so now you have to look for a third designer to take on this task.

Scenario 2

You have an idea for a new company, but you are wanting to get a logo made. You approach an agency and they agree to take on the project. They design you an amazing logo, and during the final meeting you mention that you need products made too. The project manager tells you that they can handle that too. The project manager has already worked on one of your projects so they already understand your vision and what you are looking for. They have also vetted the designer already so they know that the quality will be up to par. The project manager works through the initial revisions. You will only have to finalize minor decisions because the team already understands your vision. When you mention wanting a website the project manager tells you that it is a piece of cake. They already have a designer that can handle it.

What’s the difference?

When you hire an agency you aren’t just getting a good design. You are paying for the professionalism, project management, and your freedom. An agency has the ability to scale with your business. A lot of agencies will assign a dedicated project manager to you so that you are always working with someone that you are familiar with. In the short term, finding a freelancer to handle your design work seems like the best idea. In the long term, finding an agency that can scale with you and help with all of your design needs will not only save you hassle, but it will also save you time. You can use that time to start working on the next big thing that will take your company to the next level!