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Understanding SEO and Why It Matters

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is important for any business that has an online presence. Creating a website is no longer enough if you want to be ranked on Google, Bing, Ask, etc. SEO requirements are constantly changing. You need somebody who specializes in SEO because the guidelines are constantly changing and evolving. SEO paired with a professional and fast website can help you increase your reach and get more customers.

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Setting Goals (and Actually Accomplishing Them)

It’s that time of year! Everybody is setting their new year’s resolutions, business are doing year-end reports, and youtubers are doing “Why (insert year) Was The BEST Year EVER” videos. And in two weeks, all of this will be forgotten and we will all go back to our normal routines. As a small business owner setting goals and actually sticking with them are really important to your success. I want to talk about my goals for last year, my goals for this year, and how to actually set goals that you can accomplish!

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How to: Use Photoshop Actions

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Photoshop actions are amazing for simplifying complex procedures. This tutorial will show you how to load an action, how to create an action, and we will talk about why actions are so important. Using an action is kind of like using a preset. If you know that your Instagram images are always cropped and exported the exact same way then you can set up an action to do that in just one click.

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