Case Study

Ellbee’s General Store

Case Study

The Challenge

Modernize their website while combining their two unique but connected brands.


We built a brand new site that combined their general store and their garlic business is one cohesive package. The main focus for the site was the general store, but we also created a landing page for the garlic business.

Scope of Work

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Photography

Quick Facts

Since the launch of their site, their total sales have increased by 120%.

The total amount of orders being placed has increased by 110% since their launch.

The original Ellbee’s website took a looong 11.6 seconds on average to load. Their new site is blazing fast at 3.2 seconds on average. That’s an increase in speed of 72%!

Before & After

Let’s Start At The Beginning

When we started working with Ellbee’s they had two websites. The first site was their garlic seasoning company and the second site was for their general store. This caused some confusion for customers. If you wanted to buy something from the general store and some garlic seasoning you had to do it on two separate sites! After discussing their goals for their company we decided merging them into one website would make the most sense. We created a landing page for their garlic seasonings on the general store site so that existing customers would be able to find their garlic still.

Their old sites were riddled with security issues so we decided to start fresh. This allowed us to ensure the site was completely secure and gave us more freedom with the design. Garlic is just one aspect of the general store, so we made the general store the main focus!

Once we settled on a plan we started designing. All of our websites start with sketches and wireframes. Then we turn those into high fidelity mockups. From there we work with the client to decide the best option to move forward with.

Content Creation

Once we moved past the preliminary design we knew we were going to need some updated photos to show how captivating their storefront is. Their garlic seasonings were also in dire need of some new imagery.

Final Thoughts

The new imagery and fresh design not only looked good, but it also had a much simpler user experience and was easier to navigate. Reducing the friction between the customer and the site makes it easier to achieve sales. Since their website launched their sales have increased by 120%, total orders increased by 110%, and we were able to increase the site speed by 72%!

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