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How To: Install WordPress


Installing WordPress is surprisingly easy. This tutorial will break down step by step how to install wordpress on a GoDaddy Server. Most other hosts will be very similar, but there will be some differences.

Installing WordPress on Your Host

Step 1: Log in to GoDaddy.

Step 2: Go to “My Products”.

Step 3: Under the web hosting section click “manage” on your plan.

Step 4: Click the blue “cPanel Admin” button that is near the top.

Step 5: Under “Software” click “Installatron Applications Installer”.

Step 6: Click “Applications Browser” and then click “WordPress” under Apps for Content Management.

Step 7: Click “Install this Application”.

Step 8: Fill out the information and click install at the bottom.

  • These are my recommended settings for a beginner!
  • The directory should be left blank unless you want it installed in a sub-folder. If you want to access your website using just the domain name then leave it blank.
  • Use the recommended version and choose your language.
  • I’d recommend turning off all updates.
  • You can change the username, password, and email. Make sure you fill out all of the information accurately.
  • Yes to limiting login atempts. No to multi-site.
  • Automatically manage advanced settings.

Finishing up the Installation

Step 1: To access the backend of your website got to (ex.

Step 2: When prompted to start the install wizard click “no thanks”.

Step 3: Install Plugins – start with security!

If you are a visual learner then we have a video tutorial too. httpss://

You can also see which plugins we recommend at httpss:// (and how to install them at httpss://