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Setting Goals (and Actually Accomplishing Them)

It’s that time of year! Everybody is setting their new year’s resolutions, business are doing year-end reports, and youtubers are doing “Why (insert year) Was The BEST Year EVER” videos. And in two weeks, all of this will be forgotten and we will all go back to our normal routines. As a small business owner setting goals and actually sticking with them are really important to your success. I want to talk about my goals for last year, my goals for this year, and how to actually set goals that you can accomplish!

But First… What Happened Last Year?

Looking back at your past goals is the most important part of goal setting. You need to evaluate your past goals and see what worked and didn’t work. Looking back at my 2019 goals I was too vague and didn’t have a specific plan on how I wanted to accomplish them. My three goals were to keep working on my company, make enough to pay for my office lease, and start a podcast.

I accomplished all three, but I didn’t have a plan for my next step and that held me back. I know that going forward I need to be more specific about my goals and have a plan for once I accomplish them.


SMART goals are a way to make your goals better and more achievable. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Bound. Let’s take my goal of starting a podcast and turn it into a SMART goal. Specific – having a specific goal makes it easier to evaluate. I want to start a podcast about creators. Measurable – you need to be able to measure your goal. Putting one episode out means that technically I started a podcast, but I want to release more than just one episode! I want to start a podcast about creators and release ten episodes. Achievable – You don’t want to set a goal that is too hard. You should be pushing yourself, but don’t make it impossible. Consider any financial constraints that might make it harder to achieve your goal. Relevant – Your goals should be relevant to your life. A goal that isn’t relevant is less likely to be achieved. Time – this is the big one. You need to set a timeline for your goals. Make sure that after you set the timeline that it is still achievable! I want to start a podcast for creators and release 10 episodes, releasing one episode every week for 2.5 months.

My Goals for 2020

In my opinion, putting your goals out there is important. Whether you post them on social media or tell your best friend, having somebody who can keep you accountable will help you reach your goals.

The goals that I am about to share aren’t all SMART goals, because I’m not completely ready to share all of the details. Some of my goals for 2020 are:

  • Create a Mastermind Group with 2 local businesses in social/tech industry by February.
  • Create a Networking Group for Young Entrepreneurs in St. Louis by April.
  • Expand my online tutorials, create more tutorials for The Avahi Channel.
  • Work with more AMAZING clients.
  • And more that I will share in the future…

What do your goals for 2020 look like? Let us know on Instagram.